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Who is ‘Eduardo Emperor’, appointed as leader in Codevasf’s money diversion scheme



Known as ‘Eduardo DP’ or ‘Emperor’, Eduardo was a candidate for councilor of Dom Pedro by the PROS (Republican Party of the Social Order) in the 2016 elections. He is also the son of the former mayor of the city, Maria Arlene Barros, who was arrested in 2015 in an operation that investigated the involvement of public managers with loan sharking schemes to rig bids in Dom Pedro.

Also in 2015, Eduardo Costa was arrested on suspicion of being part of a scheme that embezzled R$100 million from 42 municipalities in Maranhão. According to the investigations, in a single bank account of Eduardo, more than R$ 5 million were found, which would have been transferred from the account of the municipality of Dom Pedro, without any justification or proof of provision of services.

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In the same year, Eduardo Costa was arrested again in an operation to combat loan sharking and corruption in the city of Bacabal. At the time, about R$ 4.5 million was diverted from the city hall to loan shark schemes.

He has also been accused of using false documents and having two birth certificates, three CPF records, two identity records and two voter registration papers. to open various accounts and companies for the purpose of laundering money.

The Federal Police did not explain how it is possible for a person to have multiple CPFs.

Part of the money that was seized by the Federal Police in the operation — Photo: Disclosure/PF

The Federal Police (PF) launched, this Wednesday, an operation to dismantle a criminal group suspected of fraud in bids, embezzlement of public resources and money laundering involving federal funds in Codevasf contracts.

16 search and seizure warrants were carried out in São Luís, Dom Pedro, Codó, Santo Antônio dos Lopes and Barreirinhas. One of the targets was businessman Eduardo Costa. During the operation, luxury watches and R$1.3 million in cash were seized.

Luxury watches found during the ‘Odoacro’ operation in Maranhão — Photo: Disclosure/PF

The same scheme had already been discovered previously in a Civil Police operation in 2015 in the municipality of Dom Pedro. According to the investigations, R$ 100 million were diverted from 42 municipalities in Maranhão.

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After the operation in 2015, federal police noticed that the criminal scheme not only continued, but grew in later years, changing the origin of the diverted funds, which became federal.

In practice, criminals create shell companies and simulate competitions during bids, but with the real purpose of making the winning company always that of Eduardo DP, who has large contracts with Codevasf: Construservice.

Construservice in the Bolsonaro government

Construservice is the second company that most signed contracts with Codevasf in the government of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). So far, more than R$ 140 million has been committed.

Codevasf, on the other hand, is a state-owned company responsible for carrying out works and services in Northeastern and Northern states and in the Federal District. The company is run by members of Centrão – a group of parties that currently supports the Bolsonaro government. The state-owned company received BRL 2.1 billion in parliamentary amendments between 2018 and 2021.

Meeting by Eduardo Costa, from the company Construservice, is on the official agenda of the president of Codevasf, Marcelo Moreira — Photo: Reproduction

On December 16, 2020, a meeting with Eduardo Costa is on the official agenda of Codevasf president Marcelo Moreira. The event took place in the president’s room at the company’s headquarters, in Brasília.

Regarding the operation involving Codevasvf, Eduardo Costa’s defense stated that the temporary arrest is unnecessary, since the police investigation is the result ‘only of the beginning of the investigation and of the unilateral view of the Police and the Public Ministry on the facts’, and that he is innocent.

“The defense of Eduardo José Barros Costa understands, based on the national legal system, that the temporary arrest of his constituent is illegal and unnecessary. unilateral view of the Police and the Public Ministry on the facts; that he was never even notified to speak, present documents and/or any other defensive manifestations; that, from now on, he collaborates with the investigation – which runs in judicial secrecy – hoping to have the opportunity to provide the necessary clarifications, with which he will demonstrate his innocence. Innocence, by the way, which must be presumed by virtue of an express constitutional provision”, says the note.

In relation to previous operations and allegations of loan sharking by the Civil Police of Maranhão, the g1 asked for a position from Eduardo Costa’s defense, but there was still no response.

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