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who is the ex-boyfriend she denied having cheated on



Fernanda Paes Leme, 39, told the podcast “Quem Pode, Pod”, which she presents alongside Giovanna Ewbank, who had an affair with singer Rogério Flausino during the wedding of Angélica and Luciano Huck, in 2004. Live , she said she was dating someone at the time, but did not name names.

“I was dating, huh?! At the time of your wedding! I think it was almost over, but that’s it, everyone here must have been a horn and everyone has already put on a horn, people!”, Fernanda commented on the podcast that had the Angelica’s presence.

Hours after the subject reverberated on social media, she came back and said she was single in an Instagram post.

“I’m the crazy one who comes to deny myself… I reflected on being dating at the time of Angelica’s wedding and remembered that no, I wasn’t dating, I was single, talking about coming back or not. Fan or hater of myself ?”, wrote she, who is currently engaged to administrator Victor Sampaio.

The presenter did not mention the name of who was “talking about coming back or not”, but splash recalls that, at the time, she had taken a break from her relationship with singer Bruno Diegues, known for being the lead singer of the pagode group Jeito Moleque until 2016.

Between comings and goings, the couple dated for about five years and ended the relationship definitively in May 2006. Fernanda even got a tattoo on her foot with the phrase “eternal love” after they started dating again in early 2005 after a short break in the relationship that would have been motivated by scheduling conflict, according to the singer at the time. “I was obliged to reciprocate”, he joked in an interview with IstoÉ when talking about his beloved’s tattoo.

In the same interview, the actress said that Bruno was her first boyfriend and that he would be the only one. “I’m very intuitive, I feel like I’m going to marry him,” she said, who also celebrated her good phase by making her first 9 pm soap opera, “América”.

But the relationship came to an end the following year. “I’m in a single phase. I have a huge affection for my relationship with Fernanda”, said Bruno to the website OFuxico after the end of the relationship.

Fernanda Paes Leme and Bruno Diegues broke up in 2006 - Reproduction - Reproduction

Fernanda Paes Leme and Bruno Diegues broke up in 2006

Image: Reproduction

Who is Bruno Diegues?

Bruno Diegues is a pagode and samba singer from São Paulo. He became known nationally for being the lead singer of the group Jeito Moleque. The band, which was originally formed by five friends from the North Zone of São Paulo, began activities in 1998, but gained notoriety in the first one in 2005 when they signed with Universal Music and launched a live project. They also participated in several TV shows at the time.

In April 2016, the group announced a career break after almost 18 years of existence, alleging differences with then-vocalist Bruno Diegues. The following year, the group returned to activities without Diogo’s presence, who was replaced by Gui Albuquerque.

After leaving the pagode group, Bruno debuted his solo career in 2020 by announcing his return to his samba and pagode origins. Since then, he has released unreleased songs and a pagode reinterpretation of “Maluco Beleza”, a classic by Raul Seixas and Cláudio Roberto. The track “Teus Olhos Tempestade” also drew attention for being the first Brazilian music video with an exclusive version for the OnlyFans platform.

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