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Why Free to Play Games Are Great



Free to Play games haven’t always existed. When they arrived, they unleashed a chain effect that changed the gameplay forever.

Despite what you think of them, it’s a viable way to play that is here to stay.

While there are some positives and negatives to free games, we’ll see what makes them great.

Free games to play are … free

Looking at the grand scheme of things, in recent years, free games have been the best thing that ever happened to games in general.

The most difficult obstacle to growth in anything is ease of entry. The only way to get past a certain point is to get new fans.

This is what free games do best. It’s so much easier to let someone play your game for free and push them to spend money on their own.

With this, non-gamers at heart can come in and see if they like what they are playing without fear of wasting money.

For me, as long as a free game is not profitable to win, there is no harm.

How Exactly Win money?

The free model is sparkly when you think about it …

You make a game and tell people that they can play the experience for nothing. This creates a huge fan base.

Bring them in and see if they like the game first. If they do, offer them things that help make the game easier for a small price.

This is usually through things like season passes, maybe something that gives them double the experience, maybe some minor items, etc.

We have all been victims of this. When you play a free game, you start to lose, and then something pops up to help you for just $ 0.99 or $ 1.99.

Of course, you’re going to say the same thing I say … well, it’s just a dollar or it’s not that much money.

Well, think of a game with a fanbase of millions of like-minded people.

Add in the fact that today, people enjoy things that don’t really matter to the game, like cosmetic items, and you have a recipe for a rich company.

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