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Why Is Among Us Free On Mobile But Not PC Or Nintendo Switch?



Among Us continues to take the world by storm, but one thing that sticks out is why it costs $5 on Steam and Nintendo Switch, however, on mobile devices it’s free. While it looks like each version is identical and each being able to play with their cross-play format, there are actually a few key differences.

Normally, Among Us on mobile had advertisements and collected user data, like most free-to-play games, however, InnerSloth, developers of Among Us said they don’t sell gamer’s personal information, but holds the rights to “disclose” that data/

Players needed to pay $2 to deactivate the ads on the game for mobile, but InnerSloth has temporarily removed ads from that version.

Why Is Among Us Free On Mobile But Not PC Or Nintendo Switch?

They disabled the ads on November 24 until some time in 2021 because they said they had spotted a number of “inappropriate ads”. This means, no more ads, at least for now. Also on mobile, users have to purchase premium cosmetics that come with the $5 price tag on PC and Switch. This could mean a lot of money comes into InnerSloth in the form of cosmetic micro-transactions on mobile.

With the upcoming AirShip update that will include a new map and a slew of flashy skins, PC and Switch users will receive all of those for free, however, mobile users will only be able to try them on for $2.

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