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Wife Kills Husband, Tells Cops Should ‘Have Stabbed Some More’



Penelope Jackson, wife who stabbed her husband in the UK
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Penelope Jackson, wife who stabbed her husband in the UK

The case of a woman who confessed to stabbing her husband, who eventually died after being taken to hospital, has shocked the UK. For the serene confession and history of abuse that Penelope Jackson, 66, cited as the reason for the attack. The crime took place on February 13, but it was only recently, with the process underway in court, that the details became known.

Now, the recording made by a police officer who visited the house where Penelope lived with David, 78, in Berrow (England), gave more details on the behavior of the Briton. At some point in the process, she said, as her husband died in the kitchen:

“I should have stabbed some more.”

“I know this is recorded. But I’m fed up with abuse and meanness. I’m not doing anything to help you, ”she continued, appearing calm.

Shortly before, Penelope had told a gas station attendant, refusing to help her injured husband, despite pleading from the person online:

“I killed my husband because it was done for me. I can go in there and stab him again. I’m in the living room, he’s in the kitchen bleeding to death if luck helps. He’s threatened me before, but he’s not threatening me now. “

Penelope and David have been married for 24 years.

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