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Will Anitta be able to have children? Doctor explains endometriosis



After having had surgery to reduce the pain caused by endometriosis, Anitta is more likely to be a mother if she wants to. According to experts, the procedure aims to eliminate the discomfort of the patient diagnosed with the disease and improves the possibility of having a pregnancy in 60% of cases.

Gynecologist at São Vicente de Paulo Hospital (RJ) and endometriosis specialist, Claudio Crispi Jr, explained to the OnScreen details about the pathology that affects up to 20% of the female population that is of reproductive age.

“Between 80 and 90% of these women have an exacerbated clinical picture of pain, such as severe menstrual cramps and pain during sexual intercourse, pain with bowel movements and urination and, often, permanent chronic pelvic pain, which leads to a very bad condition. quality of life”, he says.

The singer even made an outburst on social media last week and said that she has been suffering from pain in her lower abdomen for at least nine years. They happened during sexual intercourse and lasted hours after the act.

“If the woman has menstrual cramps and some other painful manifestation like the ones mentioned above, we may have a strong suspicion of endometriosis and the doctor should then guide the patient to control the problem, which is often done with the use of contraceptives The contraceptive blocks the function of the ovary and will reduce the chance of this growth of endometrial tissue, reducing the inflammation caused by this disease. Consequently, it is possible to improve the painful condition”, says Crispi.

In Anitta’s case, she discovered the diagnosis after a conversation with cardiologist Ludhmila Hajjar. The specialist took care of the singer’s father, Mauro Machado, after he had a stroke at the end of last month. Through tests, then, the funkeira discovered endometriosis.


How is endometriosis cured?

Anitta had to undergo surgery this Wednesday (20) to treat the problem and is doing well after the procedure. Claudio Crispi Jr added that the method is one of the best options to reverse the pain felt by the interpreter.

“The surgery is aimed at removing all visible foci of endometriosis. […] The improvement in quality of life and pain reduction in women who undergo endometriosis surgery is 80 to 88% and we have an improvement in infertility of the order of 60%. Surgery is usually performed using the laparoscopic technique, in which it is not necessary to open the abdomen.“, ends.

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