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With a show by the Raimundos, Capital Moto Week begins this Thursday



posted on 7/21/2022 06:00 / updated on 07/21/2022 06:07

Raimundos show will have a"surprise participation" - (credit: Denis Ono)

Raimundos’ show will have a “surprise appearance” – (credit: Denis Ono)

This Thursday (7/21), the 17th edition of Capital Moto Week, the largest automobile event in Latin America, begins at the Granja do Torto Exhibition Park and continues until July 30. With stands aimed at motorcycle lovers, the festival offers shows, a cinema, an amusement park and a food court completes the 250,000 square meter space for the more than 800,000 expected visitors — 100,000 more than in the previous edition, in 2019, the last one before the hiatus caused by the pandemic. Raimundos, Pitty, Capital Inicial and Paralamas do Sucessos are some of the great names of Brazilian music that will take the stage. Motorcyclists have free entry. The general public can guarantee admission at this link.

Anyone who thinks that only exhaust rumbles, leather jackets and rock ‘n ‘ roll is an event like Capital Moto Week (CMW) is wrong. Although it is based on the love of automobiles, the 17th edition of the festival expands and sets up, in the Granja do Torto Exhibition Park, a gigantic complex with a complete structure. In this way, any and all audiences, of all age groups, motorcycle lovers or not, will find entertainment, gastronomic options, musical performances and, of course, everything about the world of motorcycles.

  • The Paralamas do Sucesso command the party on the penultimate day of the event
    Disclosure/Capital Moto Week

  • Raimundos show will have a “surprise appearance”
    Denis Ono

  • Last edition stage
    Paulo Cavera

  • Rocker Pitty takes over the main stage tomorrow
    Photos: Otávio Souza – Publicity/Capital Moto Week – Denis Ono – Publicity


Organizer of the event, Pedro Affonso Franco highlights that this year marks the return of the festival. “We spent this period (of a pandemic) looking a little inside, evaluating how we could improve and amplify the experience of the public that attends the festival annually. Capital Moto Week, today, is the largest motorcycle festival in America Latina, the third largest in the world. And we feel a responsibility to deliver an unforgettable experience to our audience”, he says.

About the magnitude of the event and the various spaces, Pedro comments that the objective is to offer experiences for different audience profiles. “Capital Moto Week is an extremely family-friendly festival. It’s an environment where we value healthy fun, entertainment and gastronomy. It’s a great gathering of friends”, says Pedro. Motorcyclists from other states and even from other countries are confirmed presence. “Thousands of people are already arriving in Brasília to honor our festival”, observes the organizer.

Capital does not leave the adventurous side aside and brings visitors entertainment options to accelerate the heart. Mounted on a cable that runs through the front of the main stage, a zip line, the largest in the Federal District, is installed on site for the public to enjoy the view. There is also a bungee jump that gives the brave the opportunity to free fall from a height of 40 meters.

This year, a novelty is an event within the event. Visitors will be able to enjoy the special edition of the Brasília Tattoo Festival. Renowned tattoo artists will be on site to exhibit works and also tattoo.

A fully equipped amusement park caters for children and adults alike. A 500-inch screen will be mounted for those who want to enjoy an outdoor cinema. Every day, two sessions will be shown, one being reserved for children’s films. Two food courts and kiosks throughout the event were set up so that attendants can enjoy more than 30 traditional gastronomic options in the city. From Monday to Friday, at lunchtime, admission will be free for everyone to enjoy the local cuisine.

On the stage

Raimundos, Pitty, Biquini Cavadão, Blitz, Detonautas, Deadfish, Os Paralamas do Sucesso and Capital Inicial pass through the main stage throughout the festival presentations. Tickets are sold for each day. There is the possibility to buy a passport for all shows. Tickets can be purchased at points of sale around the city and online.

Digão, vocalist and guitarist of Raimundos, the band that opens the event today, reveals that he is passionate about motorcycles. “I’ve been a motorcycle fan for as long as I can remember. As soon as I learned to ride a bike, I started riding a moped and motorcycle. That’s when I was eight, nine years old. It’s wonderful to ride a motorcycle in Brasília. It’s a spacious city. Besides, there’s one less car on the street to take up space and pollute more”, he ponders. The artist completes: “The feeling is of freedom”.

Digão was called to be one of the festival’s ambassadors. “It was a very well accepted invitation. I’m very grateful. It’s one of the biggest festivals in Brasília, in the Midwest. For me, it’s an honor because it’s a mega stage. A lot of people will be there, happy and ready to see a show, in order to see rock. It’s wonderful. I’m going to have a lot of fun. We prepared a new set with songs that we hadn’t played in a while. It’s a cohesive show. It’s very succinct and straight to the point. It has a lot of side B and it has a lot of hits too. So, it’s well balanced. I think the crowd will enjoy it a lot. There won’t be anything missing”, he guarantees. To pique the fans’ curiosity, the guitarist promises a “surprise guest appearance”.

*Intern under the supervision of Guilherme Marinho

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