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With an ostomy bag, Luciano Szafir parades at São Paulo Fashion Week



Rio – Actor and model Luciano Szafir, 52, returned to the runways four months after being released from hospital. He, who was hospitalized in serious condition due to reinfection with the coronavirus, participated in the fashion show of stylist Walério Araújo, at São Paulo Fashion Week, this Thursday evening. Luciano drew attention for leaving his ostomy bag exposed during the show.

The mannequin has been using the device since suffering complications from the re-infection of covid-19. Luciano was hospitalized for over a month and underwent surgery to remove a hematoma and a segment of the colon. While in hospital, Luciano Szafir had to use an anticoagulant to treat the disease, which resulted in perforation of the intestinal loop and he developed spontaneous bleeding from the abdomen.

After the show, Luciano Szafir took to social media to say he walked on the runway with the ostomy bag to “raise awareness of the importance of using” the device. “Today is a very happy day for me! Marching at the SPFW and raising awareness of the importance of using an ostomy bag were my goals for the day. I’ve been planning this for a long time and this parade surprise was thought through to the smallest detail. I can only thank Walério Araújo, the stylist who joined the cause and who, with elegance, creativity and good humor, made it happen. My message to everyone is that an ostomy defines no one! happy as we are, let’s accept others as they are and give thanks for the opportunities that life offers us, ”he wrote.

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