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With Galisteu in charge, A Fazenda 14 has its first confirmed participant, according to the newspaper; web reverberates



With the last editions being good successes, the expectations for the “The Farm 14” are very high. There is little time for the reality show to return to the small screens and, with that, speculation about the participants only increases. According to journalist Leo Dias, the first participant has already been confirmed.

According to the journalist, the first participant would be a singer who was very successful in the 90s and early 2000s. In addition, he is someone who likes to be involved in controversies and has even been in numerous ones. He would have already signed with the reality show, according to sources close to him.

This is the Latin singer, who owns several hits from the 2000s, such as “Festa no Apê” and “Renata”. According to Leo Dias, the artist is very close to a big guy at the station. “One of the interesting facts that link the singer to the São Paulo broadcaster is the fact that he is close to the owner of RecordTV, Bishop Edir Macedo“, wrote the journalist.

Before Latino, two of his ex-wives had already participated in “The Farm”. The former panicat Mirella Santos, with whom he was married from 2004 to 2011, was in the first edition of the reality. Rayanne Morais, the singer’s wife from 2014 to 2015, was in the 8th season, in 2015. Morais, including, released the verb on Latino and even called him a bad character.

web reacts

Latino’s participation in the next edition of the reality show divided opinions on Twitter. Numerous people commented on it on Twitter. “It’s quite capable of being a finalist, these people love a Chernobyl”wrote a fan. “flopped“, wrote another, not liking the singer’s participation very much.

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