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World Championship Seeding Explained – Gamezo



The World Championship received some format changes this year, so it is the occasion to remember how the seeding works now.

The World Championship is divided into three phases: play-ins, group phase, and playoffs. Teams are placed in the group stage or play-ins, where they will have to work their way to the second stage.

Sowing by region

In general, here are all the places by region, as well as the teams that have already qualified:

Main regions:

  • LPL (China): 4 teams (Top eSports, JD Gaming, Suning, LGD Gaming)
  • LEC (Europe): 4 teams (Fnatic, G2 Esports, Rogue, MAD Lions)
  • LCK (Korea): 3 teams (DRX, TBD, TBD)
  • LCS (North America): 3 teams (FlyQuest, Team Liquid, Team Solo Mid)

Minor regions:

  • VCS (Vietnam): 2 teams (Team Flash, TBD)
  • PCS (Southeast Asia): 2 teams (Machi Esports, PSG Talon)
  • CBLOL (Brazil): 1 team (TBD)
  • TCL (Turkey): 1 team (TBD)
  • LJL (Japan): 1 team (TBD)
  • LLA (Latin America): 1 team (Rainbow7)
  • OPL (Oceania): 1 team (Legacy Esports)
  • LCL (Commonwealth of Independent States): 1 team (Unicorns of Love)

In bold are the changes compared to last year.

The LMS was dissolved, and in its place came the Pacific Championship Series (PCS), a tournament created from the merger of the LMS and the LST. These two leagues used to get 3 and 1 spots, respectively, and the PCS now only gets 2.

The two seeded players released by this change have been assigned to China and Europe, who can now send 4 teams to the World Cup instead of 3. This was based on recent international performances, with the LEC and LPL having top-level showings. international. 2018 and 2019 tournaments.

Lastly, the VCS used to have only one spot, and a second was awarded to the minor region that was doing the best at MSI. In the absence of a Mid-Season Invitational this year, Vietnam manages to maintain second place for the 2020 World Championships due to having the best performance at MSI 2018 and 2019.

Sowing in Play-ins and group stage

Riot has not yet confirmed which teams would enter the group stage and which would have to go through play-ins. Here’s how we can expect the distribution to be based on previous years: reminder that this is not official information.

Group stage:

  • 3 LPL teams
  • 3 LEC teams
  • 2 LCK teams
  • 2 LCS teams
  • 1 PCS equipment
  • 1 VCS team
  • 4 teams advancing from Play-ins


  • 1 LPL team
  • 1 LEC team
  • 1 LCK team
  • 1 LCS team
  • 1 PCS equipment
  • 1 VCS team
  • 1 team from each of the other minor regions (6 teams in total)

This would mean three changes from last year:

  • As the LEC gets its fourth seed, it means a third team in the group stage (and the last one still in play-ins).
  • As the LPL gets its fourth seed, it means it keeps three teams in the group stage and the fourth starts in play-ins.
  • The LMS and LST used to have a total of two teams in groups and another two in play-ins. This comes down to one in groups and one in play-ins for the PCS, freeing up the two spots now held by LEC and LPL, respectively.

This will be the classification of the World Championship this year. Stay tuned for more information as soon as Riot confirms it and for the next group giveaway!

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