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World War Z Game Is Free To Download For All



World War Z Game Is Free To Download For All

World War Z Game Is Free To Download For All


Various companies are showing concern for the bad conditions that afflict the citizens of the Earth today. Not wanting to be left behind, Epic Games also launched the policy.

As a form of support for the world community who carried out independent isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the game company from the United States was freeing one of its flagship games, World War Z, worldwide.

This policy is expected to encourage the community to remain at home so that they do not catch the coronavirus. However, World War Z is free until April 2. To get it, simply download the game through the Epic Games Store official site.

Through his official Twitter account, Epic Games announced that not only World War Z is free, but two other games, namely Figment and Tormentor x Punisher are also free.

Initial release in April 2019, World War Z is a third-person shooter co-op game genre, much like the Left 4 Dead game. How to play consists of four players who struggle to complete the mission.

But it’s not that easy. Of course, there are obstacles like games in general. The obstacle that players must face is against zombie attacks. Zombies consist of various types and have different abilities.

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