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Wrong? Mc Gui doesn’t understand voting power and saves his enemy from A Fazenda



Was there a bug? Instability isn’t just Instagram, my dear ones. MC Gui, last Tuesday evening (10/19), surprised everyone by apparently being wrong in his final decision of the power of the red flame during the vote for the farm A Fazenda 13 this week . . The pawn nullified all four votes of his greatest nemesis in the game, Rico Melquiades, and sent Gui Araujo to the dreaded Stool.

As soon as Adriane Galisteu made the decision, the MC said: “I didn’t know Gui was going to the countryside. I thought it was going to level out. “He chose to remove the voices of Dynho, Gui Araujo, Marina Ferrari and Bil Araújo. On the other hand, Rico was very happy. More than surprised, he thanked his colleague in confinement and even said, “Good player.” “I came here to play, I didn’t come here to please others. I just hadn’t read that Gui would go,” he replied. Dayane, a friend of Melquiades, also thanked him and said: “I just told him that, as he saved my friend today, he has just joined him as one of my priorities”.

The conversations didn’t end there. On this Wednesday morning (10/20), Rico and MC Gui exchanged glances, and the funkeiro fell in love with the actor: “You weren’t expecting this one”. The Northeast, in turn, replied, “If I didn’t have a stall and gained strength, you’d leave me here, right?” Bill laughs back, “It depends on the dynamics and I wasn’t going to take over.” “Ia, you are closer to Tiago,” he insists. “No, are you crazy? It was an arrangement. I went to the stall to try to save myself, ”he explains. “And who do you think he would give it to?” The pawn curls up and does not respond.

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