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Xbox Boss Says Exclusives Aren’t What Gaming Is About 



Even though, what he meant is a very good way to see the gaming industry. It also does explain the lack of exclusives for the Xbox One. Although them buying a lot of studios over the years does kind of deflate his comment. It is a great insight into one of the biggest figures in the gaming industry. Even though, in a way, he is right in what he said. Sadly, it is the exclusive games that seems to sell the most consoles. This is why a console like Nintendo can easily pull in a massive crowd as we are never going to see iconic characters like Zelda and Mario on any other console. 

This could be the reason for their losses against Playstation…

Looking at this quote of someone so high up in the Xbox hierarchy. It seems like this could be the massive reason why Xbox did lose this generation of the console wars. It is the massive standing point where consoles sell more due to their catalog of games. Even though Xbox does have the most powerful console, it doesn’t mean that people are going to buy it because people seem to rather have more games than more power. 

It doesn’t seem like we’re getting a lot of exclusive? 

Even though we should hopefully be seeing a lot of exclusives from the studios Xbox have brought. This being mentioned makes us think that we still won’t see that many exclusives for the next generation of Xbox. Even though this was definitely missed out on the current generation. If they carry on with near to no exclusive again, we could easily see a repeat of the current generation in the next.

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