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Xbox Game Pass for PC April update will add Destroy All Humans



A handful of new titles will arrive on Xbox Game Pass for PC before the end of April. Xbox announced today that the classic Destroy all humans Redo, Phogs, Y Second extinction It will hit the game streaming service later this month. These three games may not have much in common, but they offer something for everyone on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

This wave of Xbox Game Pass titles begins with Phogs April 22. In just two days, you can transform into a pair of belly-bound dogs as you explore Food, Sleep, and Play, either alone or with a friend. It is like Cat dog, but without the cat. Each level is full of obstacles to avoid and puzzles to solve before reaching the end of the adventure.

In a very different note, Second extinction comes to Xbox Game Pass for PC on April 28. In this cooperative shooter, you and up to two friends will use heavy weapons on mutated dinosaurs that really want to eat you. Each level contains a horde of dinosaurs that you must keep under control before the threat level rises and destroys your team. They’re not exactly puppies and rainbows, but it’s great for teamwork. Second Extinction is still in Early Access on Steam, so the Xbox Game Pass PC version will be a preview.

Second extinction Xbox Game Pass Pc April

Xbox Game Pass for PC is thriving

Perhaps the biggest Xbox Game Pass release for PC this round is Destroy all humans, which will enter service on April 29. This remake of the franchise from the early 2000s lets you control an alien tasked with collecting human DNA on Earth. Use superhuman abilities and alien equipment to take down your homo sapien opponents.

Beyond these three releases on Xbox Game Pass for PC, the service recently saw hundreds of new games, thanks in part to the Bethesda merger. Fans can check out some featured games in the new Xbox PC Game Pass trailer, as seen above.

Of course, a new wave of games means that some titles will be leaving Xbox Game Pass for PC at the end of April. Only 10 days left to test Endless legend, For the king, Head level, Move, Y Thumper.

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