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Xbox Games Showcase – When And Where Can You Watch It?



In lieu of E3, developers and publishers have been finding alternate ways to present their new games to fans across the world. The Xbox Games Showcase is Microsoft’s own Nintendo Direct. Today’s showcase will present a number of Xbox Series X titles, as opposed to third party information.

It is finally the day you’ve all, possibly, been waiting for. Especially if you’re an Xbox fan, anyway. Microsoft is finally hosting their Xbox Games Showcase today! It’ll offer a fresh look at a whole host of Xbox Series X titles, including the long-anticipated Halo Infinite

There will also be an appearance from Hellblade 2, however, everything else is up in the air. Chances are we’ll just receive some information about already-announced titles such as Everwild and Psychonauts. However, we can always hope for some new announcements? I know the lockdown makes everything feel like forever, but PlayStation’s Future of Gaming presentation was quite some time ago. Here’s every confirmed title from that. Will Xbox go all-out to match, or even beat, the announcements made then?

Xbox Games Showcase
Are you excited for Hellblade 2 ?

Xbox Games Showcase Times From Around The World

In an effort to be as inclusive as possible, @Xbox has shared the following times on Twitter to help Xbox fans catch the latest news when it airs in their timezone. Here’s what they said: 

  • PT (9am July 23)
  • Mexico City (11am July 23)
  • ET (12pm July 23)
  • Sao Paulo (1pm July 23)
  • GMT (5pm July 23)
  • Cape Town (6pm July 23)
  • Moscow (7pm July 23)
  • Mumbai (9:30pm July 23)
  • Tokyo (1am July 24)
  • Sydney (2am July 24)

Where Do I Watch It?

From my understanding, you can catch all the action on YouTube Gaming here, after a pre-show presentation with Summer Game Fest’s creator Geoff Keighley.

It also will be worth keeping an eye on your Twitter feed as I would expect any trailers and gameplay reveals to be posted there as soon as they appear on the Xbox Games Showcase.

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