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Xbox Gold Price Hike Seems Like A Very Bad Choice 



If you have an Xbox, you know that the Game Pass is needed and definitely worth the price. That compared to the Xbox Live Gold is a massive difference in if the price. As the games are never great and it’s basically just for online games. With a lot of speculation that the Xbox Gold and Game Pass will just become one.

It now feels like they have gone the completely different direction. With them now confirmation that they’re raising the price of their service in the UK. One month goes up to £7.99. Three month goes up to £21.99. And six months goes up from £29.99 to £42.99. With a yearly subscription costing £86. Then in the US, it will be one month for $10.99. Three months for $29.99 and six months for $59.99. With a year of Xbox Live Gold in the US now at $120.

Comparing other service to this 

We can’t really compare the Switch subscription due to how different it is but we can compare it to PS Plus which is close to half the price. It also offers free games with now releasing PS5 and PS4 games each month. This subscription also gives players online services. Making it definitely a better subscription for half the price.

The games with Gold might now include an Xbox Series S/X game as it currently offers Gears 5 for February’s free games but that hasn’t been confirmed for every month after. If it’s not, the price hike makes near to no sense if they wanted people to subscribe but maybe they don’t. 

Is this a push for more people to buy Game Pass?

It does feel like this is a push to make people buy the subscription where you get both the games with Gold and Game Pass that is currently $15 a month. It’s just a terrible way to do it. They could have gotten rid of that service all together and just kept the $15 a month service. As it really makes games with Gold obsolete. As it is very overpriced and you pay a little more, you get loads of games including Gears 5 making it kind of pointless getting one.

Another reason this has annoyed players is the fact that this has changed to stop free to play games like Fortnite and Apex. The games that are usually completely free to play without needing an online service to play. Xbox has changed this making players who just play these on their Xbox having to pay $120. It felt like Xbox was doing so well until now with this weird step that will just disconnect them from their fanbase.

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