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XBOX reveals Games with Gold for July 2022, here is everything you need to know Relicta, Torchlight and more



Microsoft just announced that the following games will be part of July 2022’s Games with Gold

·         Beasts of Maravilla Island

·         Relicta

·         Thrillville: Off the Rails

·         Torchlight.

If you have Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then these games will be available to you starting from the 1st of July, Beasts of Maravilla Island transports players to a magical island teeming with incredible creatures. To become an expert wildlife photographer, the player can learn about different species, take photos to share with friends, and complete dozens of quests.

 Along with this Thrillville: Off the Rails, an XBOX  360 game from the year 2007 will be available from 1st to 15th of July, Thrillville Off the Rails takes you where no other game before it has dared: right off the rails! In Thrillville, players can create amazing roller coasters filled with death-defying drops and insane loops and twists. Thrillville Off the Rails puts players in control of building their own unique theme parks so they can have fun riding their own imaginative creations and those built by their friend

From the 16th of July get ready to have the taste of Relicta, In Relicta, use physics to solve puzzles and help your daughter survive aboard an abandoned moon base. Use magnetism to attract or repel objects and build unique machinery out of founding materials in order to find solutions that work within the zero-g environment.

And if that’s enough to make you excited, along with Relict from 16th to 30th July, Torchlight will be available, an Action RPG developed by Runic Games and published by Valve Corporation. With an in-depth skill system and plenty of character classes available for you to choose from, Torchlight allows for multiple play styles. It features a vast world to explore and many different monsters to battle against during your journey.


That’s all that July is packed with, we hope that you will have an amazing time 

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