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Xbox Series X showcase: Here’s every game shown



If you missed the Xbox Series X showcase, don’t worry we have you covered. There was a lot shown from Halo Infinite to a new Fable and we have all of it right here. You can find all the games below in order of appearance.

Halo Infinite – Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC

Halo Infinite kicked things off with a raw gameplay demo. Master Chief crash lands on a covenant occupied planet and kicks some ass. 343 looks to be taking a new route for the series with a bit of an open-world approach. You can freely explore environments, do missions in varying orders, and much more.

The developers also gave a lot of extra information after the event, you can click here to read more about the game such as the fact it’s a live-service game.

You can check out the gameplay below.

State of Decay 3 – Xbox Series X, PC

Not much to say about this one, in all honesty. All we have to go off is a pretty vague trailer that shows off a new winter-y environment and zombie wildlife.

Forza Motorsport – Xbox Series X, PC

It seems that Turn 10 is going to be taking its time on the new Forza. Not only does it not appear to be launching on day one for Xbox Series X but it’s going to be a bit of a reboot. The title has dropped the numbered element, maybe suggesting this could go the way of a live service. It may make more sense to have Forza Motrosport as a platform than a bi-yearly $60 game.

It all remains to be seen for now but you can see a glimpse below.

Everwild – Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC

Rare is back again after great success on Sea of Thieves. This time, they’re embracing a more fantasy approach. It looks gorgeous and takes cues from Breath of the Wild’s art style while still feeling like a Rare title.

Tell Me Why – Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC

Tell Me Why is not a Backstreet Boys game but rather a new Dontnod game. The team that brought us Life is Strange brings us a new dramatic narrative game about two twins overcoming a traumatic childhood. There even appears to still be a superpower element like Life is Strange! Tell Me Why will release for Xbox One on August 27th.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Xbox Series X

Ori and the Will of the Wisps already came out but now, we’re getting a spruced up Series X port. This port will make it run at a eye-popping 120 FPS in 4K.

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon – Xbox One, PS4, and PC

The Outer Worlds is getting a story DLC (which will come to PS4 the same day) and it looks pretty dope. We’ll let the trailer do all the talking.

Grounded – Xbox One, PC

Grounded, the Honey I Shrunk the Kids inspired game, releases next week. Obsidian pokes fun at themselves in this new launch trailer.

Avowed – Xbox Series X, PC

Obsidian brought one other thing to the showcase. They’re developing a new first-person fantasy RPG that looks like it can go toe to toe with The Elder Scrolls. It’s not clear when it’ll come out but when it does, it’ll likely be great.

As Dusk Falls – Xbox Series X

As Dusk Falls is a new game from Heavy Rain lead designer Caroline Marchal. The game follows two families after a robbery gone wrong in Arizona, seemingly using themes of generational violence.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 – Xbox Series X, PC

This is a much smaller update. This is a dev diary about location scouting for Hellblade 2 that wasn’t technically featured in the showcase. It’s pretty interesting to see how they not only use the visual landscape of Iceland but also how they create sounds authentic to that area.

Psychonauts 2 – Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC

Psychonauts 2 is FINALLY almost here, after years of waiting. This new trailer gives us a healthy look at Double Fine’s new adventure with Jack Black singing a great song to support it.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Series X port – Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC

Destiny 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X with 4K/60 FPS. The game will also have a mobile version supported by Microsoft’s cloud technology, ensuring you get the true Destiny 2 experience.

STALKER 2 – Xbox Series X, PC

The cult classic post-apocalyptic survival game, Stalker, is coming back. Stalker 2 will launch exclusively on Xbox Series X and PC.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Xbox Series X, PC

A new horde-based Warhammer game is on the way to Xbox Series X with 4-player co-op.

Tetris Effect: Connected – Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC

Tetris Effect is coming to Series X with brand new co-op, competitive, and local multiplayer modes.

The Gunk – Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC

The Gunk is a puzzle action game set on a hostile alien planet. You’ll explore and defend yourself from life on a forgotten planet while also attempting to save it rather than destroy it.

The Medium – Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC

The Medium attempts to merge our world with another to uncover dark, deadly secrets. It’s unclear how it works but the game will utilize technology to display both of these different worlds at the same time. You can see it all in action below.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis – Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis looks to really revamp the popular MMO with a whole new world to explore and more. Check out the exciting new trailer below.

Crossfire X – Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Crossfire X is a multiplayer shooter from Smilegate Entertainment but Remedy (yes, that Remedy) has been developing a kick-ass campaign for it as well. It looks to scratch the itch of both Remedy fans and also those seeking a big blockbuster FPS action campaign on the scale of Call of Duty. Take a look at the campaign below.

Fable – Xbox Series X, PC

It’s true! A new Fable game is coming from Playground Games and we know nothing else about it. Until we learn more, here’s a teaser trailer!

Xbox Series X releases this holiday season.

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