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Xenoblade Chronicle 3 Rumours Are Starting To Heat Up.



Xenoblade Chronicle did release slightly mixed reviews, but it did gain more positive than negative. The recent induction of Pyra and Mythrain Smash Bros proves that many fans enjoyed the series’s sequel. I would suggest you play in subbed rather than dubbed as these voices can get slightly annoying.

It looks like a sequel may be in development, making this the third game in the series. The rumours may be a bit quick to jump to conclusions, but why wouldn’t Nintendo be working on a third series of one of Nintendo’s most popular new IP’s?

When could we see an announcement?

It looks like the game could be a long time off, the composer Yasunori Mitsuda. He has mentioned that he is recording something huge. This has made some speculation that the big project he’s working on is the next Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

If this is taking place sometime in April, as said in his blog. It is not out of the question that we could get an announcement sometime this year. With the music that he made for the game. What’s a trailer without some good music to go with it? Don’t expect this one anytime soon, though.

When could we see a release for the third game?

Although Xenoblade Chronicles was released back in 2017. It doesn’t look likely that we would get a third game in the series this year but maybe next year. There are vast rumours of a new Switch releasing this year.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 looks likely that it could release alongside a new Switch. It could be a big enough game to do that and show off the new Switch’s compatibility this year.

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