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Yakuza: Like a Dragon launches on western shores this November



Sega has at long last announced that their action-RPG Yakuza: Like a Dragon is launching in the West this November 13th. The spin-off from the long-lasting Yakuza series will is confirmed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, alongside next-gen systems PS5 and Xbox Series X. Check out the new trailer here!

Japanese gamers have been enjoying Yakuza: Like a Dragon since January this year already but with the franchise offering a lot of text and conversations, it’s understandable that the localization takes so long.

While the Yakuza series had its fair share of spin-offs that range from feudal Japan reimagining to a full-blown zombie outbreak, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is no doubt the biggest departure for the series. For the first time, real-time brawler-action is ditched in favor of turn-based action-RPG.

Ichiban Kasuga, a low-ranking grunt of a low-ranking yakuza family in Tokyo, faces an 18-year prison sentence after taking the fall for a crime he didn’t commit. Never losing faith, he loyally serves his time and returns to society to discover that no one was waiting for him on the outside, and his clan has been destroyed by the man he respected most.
Ichiban sets out to discover the truth behind his family’s betrayal and take his life back, drawing a ragtag group of society’s outcasts to his side: Adachi, a rogue cop, Nanba, a homeless ex-nurse, and Saeko, a hostess on a mission. Together, they are drawn into a conflict brewing beneath the surface in Yokohama and must rise to become the heroes they never expected to be.

It might seem like a radical change at first but it lends itself surprisingly well for the series which already is well-known for over-the-top set pieces and combos. To top it all of, Like a Dragon also features a brand-new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga. Series veterans can rest assured though, it still features the familiar locales and setting of the crime world of Japan.

Prospect owners of next-gen systems also should be relieved that Yakuza: Like a Dragon is part of Microsoft’s ‘Smart Delivery’. Meaning, buy it on Xbox One and receive the Xbox Series X version as a free upgrade! While there is no confirmation just yet, it’s fair to assume it’s a similar deal with the PlayStation version.

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