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Yarntown: Bloodborne, But Make It An Old Zelda Game



You may have played Bloodborne before, but have you ever found it too difficult? Well Yarntown might be the perfect fit for you!

Bloodborne is a souls-like action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware as exclusive to PlayStation4. In it, you play as a hunter in search of the source of the peculiar blood-borne illness that is ravaging the city. different to Dark souls“Strange fantasy aesthetic, Bloodborne emits gothic-victorian vibrations in buckets. Now, however … You can experience this fun pest-ridden Victorian city in one less dimension! Yarntown take a section of Bloodborne, lights it up and pixelates the shit out of it!

Its smaller player sprite and camera angle perspective make it very similar to the previous one. Zelda Titles

Credit: USGamer

Yarntown gets its name from the Yharnam of Bloodborne!

Yharnam is the city of the Victorian era in question, so the name Yarntown He is quite intelligent. It has been developed by Max Mraz using the Solarus engine and features a surprising amount of precision. Combat is not that complicated or difficult, but it still has several of the characteristics Bloodborne brags. You can dodge the roll, use Quicksilver bullets, and upgrade your weapons in a similar way.

Yarntown it also has many of the same shortcuts and enemies that appear in the same section of Bloodborne. It may not be an exact replica, but that doesn’t mean it’s not impressive! There are also some boss fights, so be careful!

If you want to face Central Yharnam, you can follow the link below to play Yarntown free at!

Yarntown by Max Mraz is available here

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