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Yasmin Brunet Says She Doesn’t Forgive Cheating Anymore, Citing Past Leaps



In frank conversation with the fans, Yasmin Brunet answered some questions that involve possible pardons for betrayals. The model said that nowadays she no longer forgives any fence jump and that she would never be able to cheat on someone.

“I have never cheated in my life. I couldn’t live with myself. I’ve been betrayed, I’ve forgiven and I’ve regretted it, in past relationships”, assumed the daughter of Luiza Brunet, who also left a reflection on how traumatic a betrayal can be for the person who was betrayed.

“One thing that a person doesn’t understand and doesn’t stop to think about is how this choice a person makes at that moment to betray the person they’re with will affect the rest of their life. How is that going to affect her future relationships, how is it going to affect the way she sees herself, everything… That person will never be the same from the moment she was cheated on,” she assessed.

And still left a message for those who have the habit of betraying someone: “I think people who cheat should think three hundred times before, because it’s not just that, at that moment, you will transform the life of the person who is with you, who loves you, who trusts you, into something very surreal”, completed the model.

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When asked if she would give it another chance if she discovered a betrayal, the model said no, but that each case is different: “I could not trust again. Relationship without trust does not exist. But that varies from person to person. There are people who can handle it and give it one more chance. There is no right and wrong… There is what you know works for you. I already gave it a chance after cheating and I regretted it,” she said.

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