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Youtuber Jeffree Star Shows off His Yak Farm After Moving To Wyoming From California



When Jeffree Star moved out of California, and to Wyoming, we kind of didn’t know what to expect. At first we all thought, “Yak farm? Come on.” and expected it to last about 6 months.

Probably some of us didn’t even think that Jeffree Star actually owned a yak farm and it was just a cover for some other shady business operation, if we’re going to go full conspiracy theory here, but as it turns out – nope, he’s been telling the truth all along! He finally uploaded a video that has him, with all of his dogs, moving out of California, and to Wyoming, to their yak farm.

We got to see actual yaks in this video.

Including an adorable baby that kept getting lost from its Mom, his name was October and his Mother was named Goldilocks. It would seem that all of the Star Yaks, as Jeffree refers to them, have names, just like their dog counterparts.

Some of them are named after make-up brands, others are more obscure references, for instance, “Battlestar”. They seem like pretty docile animals, even when introduced to one of Jeffree Star’s tiny pomeranians they didn’t really kick up a fuss and seemed really sweet to Jeffree when he petted them – and that was a yak bull. The cows seem a little more aloof.

Jeffree Star did briefly address “the drama” from last year and said that he was going through changes in 2021 that led to him not uploading a lot on his youtube channel.

He even said that at one point he had come home to his California home and saw Daddy’s Ashes and broke down sobbing, he had a good long cry at his old house before packing up all of his 7 dogs and moving to the new one… a day late due to flight delays because of technical difficulties.

Did Jeffree say what kind of changes he was going through? Not really, but then again he’s kind of the master of saying a lot without ever really saying anything and has a certain air of mystery like all Scorpios. He did say that he would be uploading every week now and that he was back, but we’ll see if he keeps true to his word this time. Stay tuned!

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