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Zeca Pagodinho says he changed after Covid-19: “Alcohol only in hand”



Zeca Pagodinho entertained his followers this Monday (8/23) by sharing a funny video showing his new routine after Covid-19. The singer was hospitalized on August 14 with mild symptoms of the disease and was discharged last Thursday (19/8).

Wearing an apron and cap, Zeca said he changed after isolation. “Look what the pandemic has done to me,” he said in the video as he showed a table with alcoholic drinks. “Full of alcohol, but alcohol only in hand”, he joked.

“I changed, but I will get revenge! When this passes, you’ll see”, he joked. He even showed that he is washing clothes and dishes at home. “I’m being surprised, right?”, he says.

In the caption, the artist’s team informed that his wife recorded the video, since Zeca is isolating himself in Xerém, Duque de Caxias (RJ). “ZECA, IS YOU? Even without symptoms, Zeca is isolated in Xerém, careful not to transmit Covid-19 until his quarantine ends. Monica, his wife who recorded the video, is always wearing a mask and at a safe distance. But soon he will embrace his family again!” they wrote.

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