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‘Zig Zag Arena’: Fernanda Gentil heads new Sunday afternoon program



A gigantic and multicolored board of pinball, inspired by the arcades of the 80s. We are already looking forward to it here! 🎉

“The Zig Zag Arena is a great competition of games from our childhood adapted for today. Whoever is happy participates, whoever has the most fun participates! I’ll be among friends like Hortência, Everaldo and Marco Luque, doing what I love, which is to communicate, and within an arena commanding a competition: I couldn’t be happier and more anxious! There’s rivalry, fun, prize money, and much more… I can only thank you for this very special opportunity to deliver lightness in times so delicate,” celebrates Fernanda.

In each program, two teams face off in games that marked the childhood of many people. The competition is divided into three phases: “Pique-pega”, “Mega Ball” and “All or Nothing”. The movements are accompanied by the technical eye of professional judges, who guide the teams and oversee the rules of the game. In the end, the team that accumulates the most points will be the big winner of the week.

And as happens in the sports world, the matches will be narrated and commented. Everaldo Marques was cast to be the narrator of the competition, which will also have the player hydrangea and the comedian Marco Luque commenting on the best moments and highlights of the matches.

“Who has never played tag? This is our program. It is a mega production; an unprecedented and original format, designed for Brazilian families, inspired by childhood games and games present in our culture. But at the same time, also we invented our own game, a new, modern and fun game that awakens the desire to compete and, above all, to have fun”, says Raoni Carneiro, artistic director of the program.

‘Zig Zag Arena’ is an unprecedented format, created by the Globo Studios reality show genre. The artistic direction is from Raoni Carneiro, with gender direction of Cute.

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