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Zilu breaks silence on Wanessa Camargo and Marcus Buaiz divorce



Zilu Camargo broke the silence and spoke about the end of his daughter’s marriage, Wanessa Camargo, with businessman Marcus Buaiz. This Tuesday (7/19), the socialite opened a question box on her Instagram and commented on the controversial topic.

It all started when a fan asked if Zilu “was upset” with Wanessa’s divorce. To answer the question, Zezé di Camargo’s ex compared the situation with a painful breakup she lived through:


“Divorce is always sad…especially when we have kids involved! I faced an extremely painful divorce that was publicly exposed! Nobody is ‘happy’ with a divorce!!”.

“But time always puts everything in its place! Only those who go through a divorce know what I’m talking about! And my wish is to see everyone happy.”

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